Rover Parts Depo Remanufactured JLR Engine Warranty
Remanufactured JLR Engine Warranty

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Standard Warranty

Every RPD Engine and Part is backed by our Standard Warranty.

1 Year JLR Engine Warranty OR
12,000 Miles (whichever occurs first)
#1 Trusted JLR Engine Dealer
Standard Parts Coverage
No Labor Coverage
Limited Reimbursement

Rover Parts Depo or RPD

Warrants components against defects in our workmanship and material in accordance with the schedules and limitations outlined below. This limited warranty is subject to certain exclusions, limitations and conditions. Rover Parts Depo liability under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of defective parts, and/or workmanship, Rover Parts Depo shall not be liable for any incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, or for any service not expressly provided for herein, relating to or arising from the Rover Parts Depo product. A claim number must be received prior to repair or replacement of goods. Any work performed without prior authorization, and will not receive reimbursement.

Rover Parts Depo Engine warrants engine parts to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period indicated from the date of installation, assuming the part was (and can be documented) installed by a Licensed Automotive Repair Facility.

Warranty claim reimbursement cannot exceed the total cost of the part purchased.

In the event that it is determined that the part must be replaced, the original part must be returned to Rover Parts Depo remanufacturing facility before any warranty replacement will be approved.

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1-Year Limited Warranty Policy

Coverage Duration and Limitations:
The standard warranty provided by RPD extends for a period of 1 year or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first, and covers parts only. Labor costs are expressly excluded from this standard warranty.

Product Quality Assurance:

RPD warrants to the original purchaser that our remanufactured or used Engines, Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Differentials, or Cylinder Heads will be free from defects for the duration or mileage specified on the first page of this warranty, commencing from the original purchase date or the occurrence of the specified limit, whichever comes first.

Claims Procedure:
In order to initiate a warranty claim, the repair facility or purchaser must promptly notify RPD to obtain a claim number and detailed claim procedure. No claims will be honored without prior authorization from RPD.

Inspection and Reimbursement:
RPD reserves the right to inspect any and all products before reimbursement is processed. Upon determining the validity of a claim, typically within 30 days, RPD will distribute the due reimbursement. RPD retains the discretion to repair or replace products as deemed appropriate. In cases where a repair requires only a part to restore full functionality, RPD does not guarantee replacement of the entire product. The determination of replacement or repair is solely at the discretion of RPD.

Return and Inspection Requirements:
In instances where RPD suspects the failure may not be warrantable, we reserve the right to require the return of parts for inspection before providing replacement products. RPD is not liable for claim reimbursement if defective parts are discarded and not available for inspection. Furthermore, RPD may return parts to their original manufacturer for further assessment prior to reaching a final determination.

Reimbursement Calculation:

Any reimbursed parts will be compensated at the shop cost only, without any markup. To determine the cost, we require parts store invoices. Should these receipts be unavailable, RPD will use national jobber parts cost listings to establish a fair and accurate reimbursement value.Exclusions:
Please refer to the "What is Not Covered" section below for items and circumstances that are expressly excluded from this warranty coverage.

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RPD 2-Year JLR Engine Warranty - Unlimited Mileage

Coverage Details:
This extended warranty, which covers unlimited mileage, is exclusively available for purchase and includes labor costs. A labor payment of $50.00 per hour will be made at the advertised shop rate, up to a maximum of $50.00 per hour based on the AllData flat rate time for approved repairs.

Covered Components:
The warranty applies solely to the following components: block heads (on engines), transmission case and converter, transfer case (case), differential housing, and axles. Please note that external components such as seals, gaskets, manifolds, brake systems, motors, sensors, distributors, fuel injectors, and any other non-specified parts are not covered under this warranty. These external components, whether included with the products or not, are considered additional and are not part of the purchase or warranty.

Labor Payment Terms - 2-Year Engine Warranty Only:
Labor costs are only covered if the 2-year extended warranty has been purchased and all required documentation has been uploaded within 30 days of purchase. The labor hourly rate for approved claims is set at $50.00.

Reimbursement Criteria:
Authorized repairs, subsequent to factory inspection of returned parts, will be reimbursed based on the Mitchell Repair Manual published applicable flat rate schedule. Hourly rates for approved repairs will be compensated in line with the rate initially paid for the original installation, with a maximum limit of $50.00 per hour.

Exclusions from Labor Reimbursement:

DIY repairs, repairs conducted by unlicensed repair facilities, or repairs carried out on units not originally installed in a Licensed Automotive Repair Facility (LARF) will not be eligible for reimbursement. Only repair facilities listed as businesses will qualify for labor reimbursement. To initiate a labor reimbursement claim, a printed copy of the repair facility's official repair order is mandatory. Handwritten or non-business type repair orders will not be accepted. Payments for labor will not be issued for work completed as a DIY on the owner's personal vehicle or outside of a listed business that is a vehicle repair facility. If a customer of Rover Parts Depo is not affiliated with a listed repair facility, a printed and paid repair order meeting the aforementioned criteria can be utilized as a receipt for approved claim labor reimbursement.

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Normal Wear: Remanufactured engine products, like all mechanical devices, need periodic parts service and replacement to perform correctly. Our warranty would not apply if damage to the product has occurred because of misuse, lack of routine maintenance, shipping, handling, warehousing or improper installation. Similarly, warranty is void if the serial number of the product has been removed or the product has been altered or modified with aftermarket performance enhancing parts.

Coverage does not apply to damage caused by the following:
Damage as a result of an accident, fire, flood, theft, racing or competitive use of any kind, addition of power, adders ex: superchargers, turbo chargers, use of nitrous, methanol, etc., any loss that is or should be covered under a standard automobile insurance policy, nor engine adjustments that are a part of the typical installation procedure such as valve adjustments on block engines, V6, or any other engine requiring adjustments prior to installation. Gaskets not installed by RPD even if included new with purchased product.


The life of a mechanical engine or part depend upon the conditions under which it operates, and the care it receives. Wear, when caused by dirt, dust, spark plug cleaning grit or other abrasive material that has entered the engine because of improper maintenance, is not covered by warranty.

Our warranty will not extend to cover repairs if:

1. Problems caused by parts that are not our original (remanufacturer) parts.

2. Damage as a result of Overheating, Lack of Lubrication, Fuel Wash or Contamination.

3. Damage resulting from Pre-Ignition or Detonation - Including but not limited to melted or broken piston, broken piston rings, damaged cylinder heads, leaking head gaskets, etc.

4. Repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse.

5. Repair or replacement of any accessory or service item, including specifically but not limited to: all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical, exhaust and ignition systems in addition to all belts, hoses, sensors, switches and filters.

6. Any product used for competition, racing or related purposes.

7. Any product to which a device or accessory not conforming to the original manufacturer’s specifications has been installed.

8. Damage as a result of electrolysis, including but not limited to, deterioration of engine components as a result of excessive electrical current.

9. Improperly maintained coolant, and/or any product on which periodic maintenance services required by the original manufacturer have not been performed.

10. Crankshaft Thrust Surface worn due to excessive forward pressure placed on the rear of the crankshaft.

11. Damage resulting from improper repair(s) or attempted repair(s) by any service technician.

12. Leaking carburetors, clogged fuel pipes, sticking valves, or other damage, caused by using contaminated or stale fuel.

13. Parts which are scored or broken because an engine was operated with insufficient or contaminated lubricating oil or an incorrect grade of lubricating oil (check and refill when necessary, and change at recommended intervals). Engine damage may occur if oil level is not properly maintained.

14. Repair or adjustment of associated parts or assemblies such as clutches and transmissions.

15. Damage or wear to parts caused by dirt, which entered the engine because of improper air cleaner maintenance, re-assembly or use of a non-original air cleaner element or cartridge. At recommended intervals, clean and/or replace the filter as stated in the Operator’s Manual.

16. Engine or equipment parts broken by excessive vibration caused by a loose engine mounting, improper attachment of equipment to engine crankshaft or other abuse in operation.

17. Lack of routine tune-up or adjustment of the engine.

18. Engine or engine component failure, i.e., combustion chamber, valves, valve seats, valve guides or burned starter motor windings, caused by the use of alternate fuels such as, liquefied petroleum, natural gas, altered gasoline, etc.

19. Products used for purposes other than their original intended use.Products used in competitive racing or on commercial or rental race tracks are not warranted. Or remanufactured engine products are not warranted if used in an application for which they were not engineered e.g., This warranty does not apply to fleet or commercial vehicles other than as indicated.


Any request for a warranty transfer must be done in writing through RPD's Customer Service Department. Transfer of warranty is available for engines 12 months in service or less at the time of sale. A fee of $200 will be incurred for transfer of warranty. Failure to transfer will void warranty coverage.

Install Kits & Miscellaneous Parts

Come with the Standard 1 Year Warranty and is for parts only. There is no labor coverage of install kits and small parts.


Our remanufactured engine products are designed to provide years of trouble-free service. In order for your engine to perform as expected, it must be installed correctly, operated responsibly and properly maintained.

Do not drive for long periods at any single speed, always vary your speed.

Do not tow a trailer or put other heavy loads on the vehicle.

Check the engine oil and coolant levels daily.


Check fuel and ignition settings.

Change engine oil and filter.

Adjust Valves (where applicable).

Manufacturer does not recommend using synthetic engine oil until after the first 5,000 miles. Follow your vehicle owner’s manual for service intervals.

Failure to perform these procedures can result in damage to the product that will not be covered under your warranty. Please retain all service records (repair orders, invoices, etc) related to your remanufactured engine product maintenance and service. In the event of a product failure you will be required to provide copies of installation invoice and all maintenance records covering the installed product.Original service records from authorized service center must be kept during warranty period. Personal maintenance records are not accepted. Oil and temperature light/gauge and speedometer MUST be in the proper working order.

Installer Responsibilities PLEASE READ*

Prior to Installation - Installer Responsibilities

It is the sole responsibility of the installer and/or owner to properly diagnose and fix all problems with the vehicle prior to the new RPD product being installed. There are many external devices that can lead to the damage of an engine, transmission, transfer case, differential, or cylinder head. If these items are not addressed, then the problem can be carried over to the new RPD product and potentially VOID the warranty. Please make sure all devices are in working order. This is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards and failures. The products distributed by RPD are warrantied to the original dealer and/or vehicle owner against defects in parts or factory workmanship.

Your remanufactured engine requires special care during its initial “break-in” period. To ensure your engines long life expectancy and proper engine performance, please follow these procedures during the first 600 miles of operation.
For a more detailed explanation Please Refer to the RPD Engine Break-In Process Guide

Prior to start up, the engine must be oil primed to prevent dry start and damage to the engine. If proper oil pressure cannot be obtained then a RPD representative should be called for direction on how to proceed. When applicable, valves must be readjusted to vehicle specifications. This is necessary on many engines after a certain amount of heat cycles and is part of the installation process. This is not a problem with the build and this procedure is not warrantable.

When applicable, valves must be readjusted to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s specifications.

The RPD engine should be broken in using only conventional oil! The use of synthetic oil during the break-in process will inhibit the seats and rings from cutting in properly and extend oil consumption. The new engine should be run for a period of 500 miles on conventional oil at which time a routine checkup, as well as oil and filter change, should be conducted. Then the vehicle should be put into service for another 2,500 to 3,000 miles (again, with conventional oil). At the end of the 2,500 to 3,000 mile service timeframe there should be another routine checkup, oil, and filter change. At this point standard OEM maintenance schedules can be followed and synthetic oil can be utilized. Longest engine life and proper drive-ability can be expected when oil maintenance is performed every 3,000 miles. This properly flushes the engine of contaminants and prevents buildup in the engine, which leads to earlier than expected failures down the road. Routine maintenance receipts should be kept with mileage and dates documented. In the event of a failure, RPD may require these documents prior to proceeding with a warranty claim. Proper break-in driving should not include loading the vehicle, such as using a trailer, heavy loads, and hard driving, among other examples. The ideal situation for break in is city driving with stop and go traffic and a constant varying engine RPMs. Check engine oil levels daily. Oil consumption is expected during the first 3,000 to 4,000 miles of driving. Failure to maintain proper oil levels will lead to engine damage and, therefore, will void your warranty.

Once the product has been installed, it is the owner’s responsibility to break-in the product properly. After the break-in period and 600 mile checkup, the product must be maintained to the original manufacturer’s specifications.


The RPD drivetrain components are broken in right out of the box. You can resume regular service once proper installation is complete and proper operability is confirmed by the installing technician. In the event a problem should arise via trouble lights or noise/performance-related issues discontinue use and have the vehicle inspected to prevent damage to the product that could potentially void the warranty.


Quite often recommendations come with the product purchase to help ensure a successful installation. Review below the most common recommendations that pertain to your purchase.

**Also to be noted and followed or any additional instructions and recommendations that may be labeled on the product or inside the crate.**

Be sure to share these notes/recommendations with any persons installing your new product.

Engines with oil coolers:
*To prevent failure of the new engine and engine oil cooler replacement is recommended. Flushing is acceptable only in units that fluid was not contaminated, but do so at your own risk. Units failing from contaminated fluid will not be covered. Cooler replacement guarantees a clean system and flawless installation.

*To prevent failure of a new transmission, a transmission oil cooler replacement is recommended. Flushing is acceptable only in units. That fluid was not discolored but to do so at your own risk. Units failing from contaminated fluid will not be warranty covered* Cooler replacement guarantees a clean system and flawless installation.

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